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Personalized Selections

Our exclusive Tasting Kit helps you discover what wines you like, and allows us to pick the perfect wines for you.

Incredible Value

We're an international winery collective working directly with producers to bring you quality wines at prices far below retail.

Control Your Experience

Modify your bottle quantity or shipment frequency at any time to get the right amount of wine, when you want it.


Rate Your Kit

Taste six different mini-bottles of wine and tell us which ones you like best.

Get Your Wine Profile

Receive a personalized wine profile that details the styles and flavors you prefer.

Personalized Shipments

Get full-size bottles that match your palate delivered to your door.


Quality & Value

Our direct relationship with producers means we can deliver a $20 bottle for as little as $13.

International Sourcing

We source our juice from 10 of the world's most renowned wine-producing countries.


Set Your Schedule

Receive the Right Amount

Choose Red vs. White

Make the Final Call

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All wines are backed by our Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

Refer Friends

Earn rewards and discounts when you tell your friends about Tasting Room.

No Obligation

There is absolutely no obligation — cancel your membership at any time.


Tasting Room is the only wine club that focuses on you — your tastes, your preferences.

While every other wine club of the month or random California wine club will send you whatever bottles they want, we only send you wines you'll love. It's simple: you taste wines first and buy second. You start by comparing wines in mini-bottles — say, a Pinot Noir versus a Cabernet, or a Chardonnay versus a Sauvignon Blanc. Tell us which ones you like (and which you don’t) and we hear your personal preferences, loud and clear. Customized selection and exceptional service are two of the reasons Tasting Room is America's best wine club.

No other wine club offers this kind of service or such a high level of flexibility.

Go ahead and search wine club reviews, and you’ll see that Tasting Room has the edge over every other wine club out there. Even better, we let you rate the wines in all your shipments, which further refines your wine profile. Just as your tastes in movies, books or TV change over time, the same can happen with wine. When and if your tastes change, your shipments change as well. While other wine clubs say you'll be satisfied, we guarantee it. If you ever receive a wine you don't love, let us know and we'll make it right. From Riesling to Merlot, Tasting Room is the only wine club that makes sure you only get wines you'll love drinking.

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