About Us


Launched in 2013, Tasting Room was built from a simple idea: finding great wines you love should be easy and fun. That’s why our company is made up of wine experts and customer experience professionals dedicated to providing accessible wines at a great value. From grape to glass and everything in between, Tasting Room has you covered.

What WE DO

Every wine we offer is hand selected by our experts and backed by our Total Satisfaction Guarantee. First, we travel to the world’s most prestigious wine making regions to find the best wines. Fewer than 1 in 50 wines makes it through our rigorous selection process. As a California-licensed winery and importer, we manage every aspect of our production, logistics, customer experience, and technology.


Our members have access to a team of customer experience professionals with a passion for wine and outstanding service. Each of our reps is certified with a WSET Level 2 Award in Wines. Whether you need help with your account, have questions about a wine you received, or simply want some great recommendations, we’re here to help. Chat with us live, M-F, 10am to 6pm EST.


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What is Tasting Room?

Founded in 2010, Tasting Room has been a pioneer in the world of wine discovery. Rather than asking vague questions about the kind of chocolates and wines you prefer, we encourage you to explore the nuances of wine with us and create your own journey. Whether you’re a beginner in the world of wine or a seasoned sommelier, we believe that you know best about what suits your palate and caters to your senses.

How does Tasting Room help me learn about wine?

Tasting Room helps you learn about wine by sending you high quality wines at an affordable price so you may taste, learn, and share.

Everyone’s wine journey and learning cadence can be different and we acknowledge that. With our Discovery model, you can travel around the world savoring wines from various regions without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

While algorithms provide a data centric version of what they think you may like, here at Tasting Room we believe that you know best. We’re just here to help you, but ultimately, the journey is yours. Our sommeliers hand pick and curate each of your wine selections catering to a full-fledged learning experience.

In essence, we bring the Tasting Room to you. Cheers!

Is this a subscription?

Yes! Our standard subscription features a minimum of 6 bottles of our award-winning wines conveniently delivered to your door monthly. You may change your frequency, case type (red, white, or mixed), and bottle amount. Choose between 6 or 12 bottles every 1, 2 or 3 months.

If you’re more of a red wine connoisseur, you may choose an all red subscription. If white wine is more to your liking, we also have a white wine only case. For those that just love it all, we suggest you choose our mixed case so you may enjoy an array of our varietals not limited to one option.

The 6 bottle subscription consists of 6 individual bottles, whereas with a 12 bottle subscription you’ll receive 2 bottles of 6 premium wines.

Log into your “Account”. Click “Manage Subscriptions” and update your preferences on the top right of the page.

I love Tasting Room - Can I send it to a friend as a gift?

You sure can! Visit our Gift Guide for all information on our gift offerings.

Tasting Room’s Tasting Kits are so ingenious and super cute! Can I purchase it separately?

You may purchase a sampler Tasting Kit by visiting our Bottle Shop and you’ll find them there!